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Dendritic Agate Square Ring

Another stunning piece in the Dendritic Agate and Gold Collection. This lovely square of dendritic agate is completely unaltered. Found naturally occurring, these pieces reflect nature with their unique dendritic formations. This particular piece features a forest landscape. 

Set in 14K yellow gold atop a sterling silver base. The gold has been high polished to compliment the stone. The square base has a black patina that has been brushed and softened to a deep grey. The square top is 5/8” and the stone is 1/2” square. 

This ring is a US size 9. It has 3 pieces of round wire attached together. The ring is attached to the top piece, leaving a space to view the stone from the inside and allow light through. The band is 1/2cm wide and is finished with a black patina that has been brushed to soften it to a deep grey.

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