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Black and Gold Cuff

A real statement piece! This large, bold and striking cuff is quite comfortable to wear. Sterling silver with a linen texture has been patinated black and then brushed for a softer look. It is sealed to protect the patina.

There is a strip of square 14k yellow gold wire running diagonally across the textured cuff. It is then adorned with a number of 14k yellow gold balls for a subtle granulation look. The gold is brightly polished and contrasts nicely with the blackened and textured silver.

The cuff has a synclastic curve to it created by hammering from the inside. This adds a beautifully textured and shiny hammered sterling silver inside. Definitely a unique piece. This cuff is 3/4” wide, 6 5/8” long with a 1” opening. The opening has some spring and can be flexible.  

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