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Dendritic Agate and Gold Necklace

This necklace features a stunning, unique and one of a kind dendritic agate. Unaltered, these stones are completely natural. They each feature their own nature scene. Almost completely transparent, this stone looks as if there is a large tree in the middle of a field.  

This stone is set in 14K yellow gold, with a sterling silver base. There is a round cutout at the back of the pendant, allowing light to shine through and showcasing the image in the stone from both sides. The pendant is 7/8” in diameter, the stone is 5/8” in diameter. 

Attached to the pendant is a delicate sterling silver chain (please note the sterling silver chain is not handmade) with 5 gold links. These links are made from 14K yellow gold square wire and are 3/8” in diameter. They compliment the gold in the setting nicely and add a handmade, unique embellishment to the chain. 

The chain is affixed to the pendant and the total length of the necklace is 18 1/2” long.

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